Klepto Cat aka Cat Burglar


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Watch this awesome video, on a cat burglar who is clearly a kleptomaniac. Or a cat hoarder. Or has a mistaken identity of a magpie. Whatever it is, hilarious just the same.


Jimmy Choo Rob Pruitt Panda capsule collection


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This cool video marks Rob Pruitt’s capsule collection for Jimmy Choo. Titled Angel Panda, Devil Panda, the video exemplifies what the collection stands for — mischievous, colourful, fun and pandas.

Renowned as a pop artist and his glitter covered cartoon pandas, Rob Pruitt’s collaboration with Jimmy Choo has resulted in technicoloured high heeled slippers, stilettos, jelly sandals, clutches plus scarves, wallets and key chains. My personal favourites, the leopard print rainbow coloured wallet and T-strapped sandals!

Alexander Wang: Rocco, Balenciaga and my new bag!


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Alexander Wang Rockie textured leather bag

This season’s Rockie textured leather bag, Rocco revisited.
*Photo courtesy of net-a-porter

In my view, Alexander Wang is one of the most exciting designers to emerge in the recent years. Well known for his simple, edgy almost masculine womenswear designs, the New York designer is just as well known for his signature Rocco bag. In fact, this season, he reintroduces the Rocco in some really bright colours, love!

Besides the Rocco, here are my coveted Alexander Wang bags, including one I just purchased.

My blue Alexander Wang bag

My blue Alexander Wang bag

The signature silver screw corners add that bit of street edge

The signature silver screw corners add that bit of street edge


Alexander Wang Brenda leather shoulder bag

Alexander Wang has just been confirmed by Balenciaga as their new creative director early this month. Tough shoes to fill given that Nicolas Ghesquiere has been branded as “the biggest talent of his generation”; he is only THE guy that brought the world Balenciaga’s motorcycle bag.

I can’t wait to see how Alexander Wang will shift Balenciaga. But one can assume that his unique punk chic and a-little-bit-of-rock-and-roll style has great synergy with the brand.

Cats have got you wrapped around their paws


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Photo courtesy of Cuteoverload.com

Photo courtesy of Cuteoverload.com

Awesome photo huh? The cat drawing looks totally adorable. And it’s got you wrapped around it’s little paw. Trust me, I know. Sesame makes T sit with her during her meal time everyday. He does not leave until she’s done eating. The highest form of manipulation by a very cute black kitty.

Shourouk: turning statement jewellery on its head


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Beth Ditto wears Shourouk

My obsession with loud, shiny, bright things truly makes me somewhat a fashion magpie. I maybe five feet tall but my definition of jewellery is the bigger the statement the better, the chunkier the nicer, the more layered the prettier. It’s that simple.

So clearly my latest obsession is Shourouk, whose jewellery looks like a mash up of antique baroque gems intertwined with neon stones, tied together with colourful climbing rope. Genius!

Blake Lively in Gossip Girl wearing Shourouk

Anna Dello Russo is a fan of Shourouk

Who’s behind the brand? Shourouk Rhaiem is a french designer of Tunisian descent who has worked in some of fashion’s biggest houses including Chloe, John Galliano and Roberto Cavalli. Her creations are truly divine and unconventional, combining Swarovski crystals playfully with contrasting neon stones and lots of rope. Think Marie Antoinette goes Bollywood in the ‘80s.

Shourouk wax silver-plated Swarovski crystal necklace

Shourouk leimotiv silver-plated Swarovski crystal necklace

Shourouk Bakara Moonlight silver-plated Swarovski crystal bracelet
Courtesy of Net-a-porter

Shourouk mia silver-plated Swarovski crystal earrings

Entering the wonderful world of Venessa Arizaga


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Being drawn into the wonderous world of Venessa Arizaga is almost like entering a candy store where you’re handed a basket and encouraged to gorge your face with multi-coloured sugar laden confectionary.

I bought my first Venessa Arizaga piece almost two years ago and have since then, fallen deeply in love the jewellery.

My first Venessa Arizaga charm necklace which goes with everything.
Photo courtesy of Net-a-porter

The Brooklyn designer’s credentials are impressive, having designed for Carolina Herrera and Zac Posen. Her inspiration for the brand comes from her treasure trove of keepsakes and vintage jewellery such as seashells, charms, semi-precious stones and crystals. Another signature Venessa Arizaga style is the threading process that binds all her jewellery together. Also, all her pieces are handmade.

Each piece aims to make a bold statement with kooky, colourful, over the top, too-much-is-never-enough all woven into one.

Here are some of my favourite pieces!

Venessa Arizaga Memory Lane bracelet. Reminds me of my school days at the convent. 
*Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Her signature Pinata bracelet. Don’t you just feel like rattling it?
*Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Venessa Arizaga Nigh Light cuff

I covert the Venessa Arizaga Charlie woven necklace

I own this blinding Venessa Arizaga Krishna Krishna necklace and can tell that it dazzles everyone whenever I wear it. *Photo courtesy of Outnet

Venessa Arizaga Duchess Burger necklace. Yummy. *Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Unnecessary fashion or just plain dumb?


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Courtesy of asos.com

I have recently cultivated two pet fashion peeves.

The first pet peeve is glasses without lenses. Everyone’s wearing them. From the NBA star Dwyane Wade to Fan Bing Bing, the famous China actress, to people at the office and people on the street. Why wear glasses when you don’t need them? Worse still, why wear glasses without lenses and then wear contact lenses? What’s wrong with everyone? Don’t they know they look ridiculous? Comical even? I get geek chic but this is something else.

Fan Bing Bing and her fake glasses

Second pet peeve. Fake jewellery collars. Miu Miu do it. Marni too. But that doesn’t make it fashion forward, does it? Have a look at the one from Marni below, doesn’t it look like an over decorated neck brace?

Courtesy of net-a-porter.com

Don’t get me wrong. I sometimes succumb to the trivialities of fashion. But there is a fine line between the fashionably unnecessary and fashion that is just plain dumb.

What’s your view?

I am in love with Charlotte Olympia clutches


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A Russian doll set by Charlotte Olympia, shoes and clutch sold separately.

Kooky, whimsical, cute and charming, the Brit cult brand Charlotte Olympia brings out the inner child in you. Founded by Charlotte Olympia Dellal, the half-British, half-Brazilian designer pushes the envelope on girly fashion.

Kitty embroided velvet slippers

Famous for her velvet Smoking Cat Slippers won by the likes of Alexa Chung, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Taylor Swift just to name a few, her brand is also renowned for their sky high heels.

Astrid Glitter Lunatic pumps

Flora printed pumps

Arabella color block suede platforms

I am not as crazy with her shoes as I am in love with her latest collection of really adorable clutches. Lips, Russian dolls and Luna crescents are just some of the themes her leather clutches are about. Paired with a LBD, these clutches will totally pop!

Lips clutch

Lunatic leather clutch

Domino Pandora Perspex clutch

Baboushka embroidered leather clutch

I don’t need yet another bag but the Baboushka is just calling out to me…

*All photos are courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Youtube feline sensation Maru in Uniqlo ad


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This post is dedicated to a celebrity of the feline kind, MARU!!!!

I have been an avid fan of Maru for the last year and have been following his youtube videos. Now, Maru is the bona fide star with the launch of his television commercial for Uniqlo.

For those of you who don’t know Maru, he is a fluffy and super adorable Scottish fold from Japan whose youtube videos garner millions of views. Maru’s videos see him jumping in and out of boxes and he is pretty good at it. Unfortunately, I think that his videos are better than the Uniqlo television commercial.

People Tree: pushing the limits with eco fashion


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People Tree Sari Dress. Photo courtesy of asos.com

My red sari dress from People Tree makes me look like a pauper to say the least, yet I wear it like a badge of honour. Its telling faded tribal print and patch work littered all over the garment speaks of a previous well worn life belonging to someone else.

My red sari dress from People Tree

People Tree is a sustainable UK fashion brand founded by Safia and James Minney selling Fair Trade fashion and focused on improving the lives and the environment of artisans and farmers in developing countries who work to make their products.

My relationship with my red dress is both confusing and distressing. Why? Because it turns the meaning of fashion on its head. Having paid more than seventy pounds for this dress from asos, one wouldn’t expect a dress to resemble a rag of sorts with holes patched up. Then again, in some strange way, I find it bizarrely satisfying to have possibly helped some underprivileged soul by owning her hopefully treasured garment.

One of twelve patches on my dress. I counted.

Perhaps the success of social entrepreneurship is its ability to make someone feel good about buying good conscience, even if the quality is compromised. And yes, I do love my red sari dress.